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With SEGURA, you can live your passion for adrenalin to the full. Our range, designed for rebellious and indomitable spirits, creates a modern, top-of-the-range roadster silhouette. Affirm your love for motorcycling and its heritage.

Does the clothing collection include protection to keep me safe while enjoying the adrenaline rush of motorcycling?

"The SEGURA clothing collection fully meets your need for safety, giving you the freedom to enjoy the adrenaline rush of motorcycling. At SEGURA, each item of clothing is the result of meticulous research to perfectly combine style and protection. Our EPI-certified products guarantee optimum safety during your motorbike adventures, without compromising on aesthetics. With SEGURA, live your passion to the full in complete confidence, knowing that all our products feature protective shells that we've developed to be flexible and highly protective, making our equipment the ideal choice to accompany you on your journeys. Explore the road with a new dimension of excitement and elegance, for lasting memories on every ride. SEGURA offers you the perfect choice to express your passion and live every moment to the full on your motorbike."