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Explore our extensive selection of women's gloves at SEGURA. Meticulously crafted to ensure optimum comfort and protection, the different designs adapt to your riding style. Find the perfect pair for every ride.


Looking for stylish, protective women's motorbike gloves? Here's our advice to help you choose the motorbike gloves best suited to your needs from SEGURA's range of women's motorbike gloves! There are several criteria to bear in mind: not only must the size of the gloves suit you, but their design must also be functional and in harmony with your use and style. A key element to guide your selection: the material. From leather to robust textiles, the material determines how you feel when you're riding your bike. SEGURA's collection of women's motorbike gloves offers models to suit your riding style. A wide range of choices awaits you, so you can find the pair of motorbike gloves that's just right for you!