Segura - FAQ


In this section, we try to answer any questions you may have about the practical information you need when making a purchase, as well as about our After-Sales Service procedures.


We invite you to consult the list of our retailers to make your purchase

We invite you to consult the list of our retailers to make your purchase.

SEGURA distributes its products exclusively through an extensive network of authorised distributors and does not make any direct sales, including on its website.

You can find out how your measurements match up with the sizes we offer at SEGURA in our Size Guide.

To find out which standards apply to your products, go to the Standards and Approvals page.


The entire Segura range is covered by a 2-year warranty under normal conditions of use. For any after-sales service request, please go to the retailer where you made your purchase. 

You will need to show proof of purchase. The retailer will forward your product to our After-Sales Service for handling.

To send your item to our After Sales Service, you must go to one of our dealers with your purchase receipt. It is the dealer who will carry out the dispatch, the costs being borne by the customer in the event of an incident. Our Repairs Department will then prepare a personalised quotation to restore it to as-new condition as far as possible. You can then decide whether or not to accept the repair.

After receipt by our repair service, the estimated time will be approximately one week.

If you find a problem with your product, visit your retailer with your proof of purchase to report the fault. If the problem is confirmed, he will send the product to our SEGURA After-Sales Service for assessment.   If the fault is attributed to us, we will repair or exchange the product.