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Discover the essence of rebel elegance with our SEGURA motorbike footwear collection. A perfect fusion of ready-to-wear style and biker innovation, explore a unique range that combines trendy aesthetics with bold functionality. Get ready to ride with distinction.


As well as taking great care with style, SEGURA pays particular attention to the materials used in its motorbike equipment. SEGURA offers several types of material for its men's motorbike shoes. Leather generally offers greater resistance to abrasion thanks to its thickness. However, this increased protection is accompanied by a reduction in feel, particularly with the selector. Men's textile motorbike shoes, on the other hand, offer a better feel for the motorbike selector. Unlike gloves, feet do not have to be extremely sensitive to ride a motorbike. The level of sensitivity ultimately depends on habits and the comfort required in everyday life. That's why the SEGURA teams have designed a range of stylish, protective men's motorbike shoes to suit every day looks.