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Discover our collection of SEGURA motorbike jackets and vests. Fusing SEGURA's iconic neo-retro style with ready-to-wear trends, our jackets and blousons offer the comfort and protection you need for an unrivalled riding experience.


A SEGURA men's motorbike jacket is a short garment that generally stops at the waist, while a men's motorbike jacket is longer, covering the hips and sometimes coming down to mid-thigh. Jackets are associated with the roadster or sporty styles, while SEGURA jackets are associated with the touring, adventure or urban categories. The choice depends on individual preferences. Motorbike jackets are suitable for mid-season and summer, while motorbike jackets are suited to colder seasons for better protection. The use of the motorbike also counts; a short jacket promotes freedom of movement on the bike, ideal for sporty riding, while a jacket offers better protection against the elements on a motorbike. Now every man can choose the SEGURA style he feels most comfortable in.